Aksara Discount Book Haul Review

on 7 August, 2017 — leave a comment, lovebug

Hi everyone! A few days or weeks ago I saw on my friend’s Instagram story that she’d purchased three books from Aksara. Now, as a lot of you know, I love books. So whenever I see deals on books I always feel tempted to buy them. It was already 9 pm and I was still at Central Park so I couldn’t go to the store. I tried to stalk their Instagram and found the post:

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Tamagotchi Mania

on 1 August, 2017 — leave a comment, lovebug

I distinctly remember the tamagotchi trend that rocked the world when I was in elementary school. I don’t really recall what happened, only that everyone was bragging about their cool tamagotchi while I…. didn’t have one. No big deal. A few weeks ago I picked up my very first one by browsing tags on Instagram—it was a V6 rock city blue music star.

Afterwards I joined several different Facebook groups centered around tamagotchi—buying, selling, and fangirling about them. I sold my v6 in order to buy different ones. And now, somehow, I find myself buying and selling and collecting tamagotchi. Is this my weird way of making up for the trends that I missed out on as a kid? Maybe so.
These are some of the tamas from my personal collection right now.
I got this v3 from a local seller. We meet him sometimes during our thrift shopping adventures and he mentioned that he had a few at his house. It still has the sticker ☺️
This is from Singapore. I purchased it and I haven’t played it yet. It is a Hanerutchi 2 and is in Japanese. I simply love the shell design!
I got this from a local seller! I was so surprised to see it on my Instagram feed and immediately bought it.
This is a Keitai Akai that I received in a trade. It is in such good condition. This one was traded with a blue v4 and came from Australia.

I purchased this one from Tamagotchi Traders. It came all the way from Singapore, and it’s another Keitai Akai. I’ll try and update this post later with all the egg design names! This is one of my favorites.

You may have also noticed the Cinamoroll pet! I got this one from the same seller as the v3 with pink hearts. I bought it right away since it is very rare, but I don’t know how to play it because unfortunately, I don’t know how to read Japanese…

I just wanted to write a quick update while I had some down time! I’ve been working a lot lately, plus working on my poems + prose. I think I might submit to some contests soon. I hope I do well (trying to be positive a la the law of attraction)!

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on 22 July, 2017 — leave a comment, lovebug

Even though i have a self-hosted blog I’ve definitely been trying to find an easier option, especially since opening wordpress from a computer and typing 1000+ words unhindered is kind of difficult now that I have a baby. A baby who crawls, rolls around, and gets bored easily.


Pretty difficult, right? (plus i’d rather not pay hosting fees, ahaha haha hahahaha).

Okay, so I used to be an app ho! I would download 40-50 apps a day and try them out, keep the ones I liked, and uninstall the ones I didn’t. I was bored yesterday and saw this app on the app store and figured, hey, it’s a website maker. Let’s try it out! Who knows, maybe it’ll replace wordpress in my heart.

So this is my first post on this platform. What have I been up to?

  • Taking care of Baby
  • Selling tamagotchi (@tamarinshopp on instagram)
  • Trying (and…failing… ) to write
  • I watched the new spiderman movie the other day with hubby! I definitely recommend it. Baby didn’t cry at all! Someone even said, “I didn’t even realize there was a baby in the theatre.” It was the first time in a month that we watched a movie at xxi and not at home, so it was a lot of fun .
  • I bought three succulents from the local grocery store. But one died. I think I overwatered it.

I’ve been steadily growing my tamagotchi and virtual pet collection, but i’m mainly looking for new-in-package tamas. So i’m probably going to sell a lot of the ones i have now in order to buy NIP tamagotchi.

My wedding anniversary with Erik is in 1.5 weeks! Maybe i’ll write a small post detailing tips that helped us stay strong through the first year of marriage and the birth of our baby. Stay tuned, and as always, thank you for reading!


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