Living In The City With You

a one second slow motion leading to a solidly whorled thumbrpint

a red journal behind bars drinking all the numbers in the world

a waiting for the back seat to be freed up and to sleep up


I printed my first cloud on a sheet of tide,

on the shore I wrote a book

on the shore I ate a cloud

the garage full of br ken hardware // it all doesn't work

   just as well as the Congress trying to eat a g  ood country // talk in other circles died

       down while I wanted to feed the cat some feverish winters, so I wear the selfish cape // but you



a veranda where the grass grows, swaying

a radio heart breaking on the airwaves

a derelict apartment full of bad weather


in my dream, you see the water is                                      rising until it

        eats the bad birds // my parents in the kitc    hen holding each

other    with feroc ty like bur   gundy curtains and singing the whole elegy of

broken a r conditioners // a still habitat, f       ull of h         eat

It's normal when you're in love, even more a bout of flu, I

think I am falling for the laws that govern you

and with you

with you

and with you


an autonomous software that stamps mistakes onto 3D mountains

a dandelion salad and sugar sprinkled through one lifetime

a confessional 'I know him' in the wooden box, 'of him'


I'll make a deal with you I won't eat the peaches,

they are so chilly in the fridge.

You kiss me. You kiss me. We

plant flowers and then you kiss me. We

plant flowers and then you go in.

        We looked      // the other   way and said, hey the                      coast looks a little

muddy now do you think it is safe to                       cross? No let's use the brid ge instead.

              The le afy chair is a             good pla e to sit // on thro g    h    the day     if th re is

ho m r  k to    do. Th  ga  rd  n is lined with cr y st ls and other

thi gs, like w lt d   smiles. we had n  o other place to p t them. we had no other way

                                       to help them.


a clever child

a leaking faucet

one good and desperate dream


a n : you