Introducing my cool new e-book! It's sixteen pages long, with 12 poems and cool photos of me as a kid.

It's available for $2.50 and you can find the link on my sidebar. (Sorry to all my honeybugs who've had to deal with me posting about this every

where). I worked really hard on this and there are some silly pictures so I hope that if you do purchase it, you will like it! 

I had such a busy day with my aunt today! (I'm going to explain my family tree to you guys so that you don't have to get huge headaches every single time I talk about them).

I'm most involved with my family from my mom's side. My mom is the youngest in her family and has four older siblings. From first to last and the names of who they're married to and what I call them. The plus sign means they're married to that person. I also listed their kids (ie my cousins) too.

NAME (what I call them) + NAME (what I call them) 




Listiyani (Wa Ie) + Herman (Wa Tio) // JOGJAKARTA




Ariany (Ji Ie) + Achung (Ji Tio/Om Achung) // PEKALONGAN





Benny (Ku Benny) + Yulianti (Kim Yuli) // SERPONG




Liliaswari (Ie Lili) + Thomas (Om Thomas) // JAKARTA




and then my mom:

Prajnawati (Mami) + Tirta (Papi) // TEXAS





So that's all my family from my mother's side. And since I'm in Jogja, I'm now with Wa Ie and Wa Tio.

This afternoon we went to deliver rambutan to the local seminaries in Jogja, as a sort of welcoming gift for the new year. Afterwards we picked up an old Royal typewriter from Wa Ie's friend. It's at least thirty years old but seems to be in good working condition. The ink was all dried out, so we stopped by a crafts store near our house and bought an ink reel. I'm excited to use it and expect to start writing tomorrow! Wish me luck.

After we delivered the last of the rambutan baskets we went to one of the local churches in Yogyakarta to pray. My aunt lit three candles, I cozied up in a chair behind her, and then we began praying separately. If you're curious, I'm nondenominational Christian (I think I've mentioned this before) and she's Catholic. I'm trying to be more grounded in my faith, and more open with it too. After such an odd beginning to the year I can't help but be comforted by God and by the love of my aunt who has been praying for me each night without fail for over two years. (Without her I don't think I would have the second chance that I do in this lovely country).

There's so much work to be done and lately I'm often feeling overwhelmed (that sensation of being trailed by heavy blankets comes and goes). I think I'll do my best to focus more on school so that I can do better next semester. I still don't know if I'm going to stay at Swiss German University or if I'm going to move somewhere else, but I'm sure that as long as I believe in the best, everything will turn out alright. 

Living in Indonesia is a strange experience that continues to surprise me each day. Having such a large family is both wonderful and headache-inducing. We're all going to Pekalongan this February for Chinese New Year, and I'm very excited for that because I'll be able to see my mother's side of the family all at once (excepting, of course, my own immediate family). 

On a very random and perhaps heartwarming note, I was up very late last night watching Cardcaptor Sakura. I wasn't sure if I'd watched all the episodes so I thought I'd reminisce a bit. Turns out I definitely have watched all the episodes (there are 70) but it was still so much fun watching their adventures with the Clow/Sakura cards. I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where magic is tangible.

(I am currently boiling yams to eat with my aunt and that is very exciting. I live for these little joys).

All my love,