A House of Books, and Serendipitous Fate

When I was younger I used to have an odd obsession with downloading photos to my phone. Mostly from Tumblr or WeHeartIt. These photos ranged from albums of renovated houses to art tutorials from the good ol' Tumblr days to overused, saccharine quotes. Sometime during high school all of these photos disappeared, most likely to the realm of I'M DELETING THESE PHOTOS BECAUSE I HAVE NO SPACE ON MY PHONE FOR ALL THE COOL NEW APPS I WANT TO DOWNLOAD. I regret that, you know. And the pictures I regret the most are the architecture + interior design photos.

I find it peculiar that I never once entertained the idea of falling in love with an architect. This in spite of the fact that I would nurture a constantly-growing list of demands for my future house, which would definitely be perfect and definitely be ideal and the envy of...everyone.

Some requirements:

  • an indoor pool
  • also an outdoor pool
  • high ceilings
  • tall windows with fancy curtains
  • lots of plANTS....love..plants..
  • a large study room
  • real wooden floors
  • a wrap-around porch
  • a fish pond in the backyard
  • a flower garden in the backyard
  • a vegetable garden in the backyard (this would be one very busy backyard, but I digress)
and the most important requirement:
  • a library
    • but not just any library
    • a massive library
    • like, Beauty and the Beast massive
  • yes, yes...very nice...
  • isn't it perfect...the ideal library...
Anyways! The story of just exactly why I have such a need for a library is one I will save for another time. Suffice to say that I have always dreamt of having the "ideal house", and yet for some reason I never once thought about marrying an architect. Perhaps I thought that I would make all that money on my own..or that I would design it on my own..

Somehow, by a fortuitous hand of luck, I have been destined to marry an...architect. So. The idea which never occurred a single time to me in my entire childhood life somehow manifested before me like some glaring neon sign I might find on the highway, reading HERE LIES YOUR FUTURE. Can you believe it? I can't believe it. It's insane. It seems like such a simple idea but it really, really shocked me. The slow realization that oh...my...Lord...I'm...marrying an...archiTECT..

I am joking, really. I'm getting married to that wonderful sweetheart because he is a kind and attentive gentleman and nothing would make me happier than spending the rest of my life, with all its joys and tragedies, by his side. Before I indulge too much in my overt adoration for my fiance let us continue discussing architecture.

 Erik has a professed appreciation for Japanese architecture and design, as do many others around the world. (I myself am more of a shabby-chic kind of gal, but after poring through websites showcasing Japanese architecture I've begun to see the appeal.) While reading through all those blog posts I found one house that really made my heart flutter. Probably because there is so much room for books in it. The interior of this 1950s house in Madrid was redone by Egue y Seta and the project was titled "A Live-In Tale". (See, after all that talking I do get to the point!).

Can you imagine how lovely your life would be when you are surrounded by books? I love the wood furniture and the plANT. YES...PLANTS.
If you click on the link above you will be able to see the complete photoset of this house, which includes photos of the absolutely stunning bathroom. I think minimalism and modernism and simple white space has become a very big trend recently in other aesthetic fields and it is very soothing to see here. I really recommend you open that link because really, the kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms are just as gorgeous as the living room. (I only chose not to include them because...I...like books...haha...hoho..)
Ladders! For all of the books! How romantic and beautiful! This is a different room of the house but I've seen a lot of apartments and other small spaces which have begun to make use of the net. It's a very clever way to open up space, I think. It's like a functional living room #2. But, granted, I don't know much about proper interior design or architecture, so don't take my word on anything. I am simply, ah, a fan.
I might start posting a different architectural/interior design once a week if I am feeling up to it. Or perhaps I will alternate. One week it will be interior design, one week it will be tiny houses, one week it will be a recipe, one week it will be a poem. I am still trying to get back into blogging somewhat regularly, so a schedule must eventually be made, I suppose! I think I will make Thursday my "pretty things I found on the Internet" post, Monday my "what I did this week" post, and then on Saturdays or Sundays I will share a poem or prose piece with you. I hope I can stick to that schedule.

Until next time,