Getting Married: Part 1 (My Engagement!)

Now that my lovely aunt posted my engagement pictures on Facebook, it seems that there is definitely no escape from the freshly-revealed fact that, yes, I am getting married.Enter the questions: 

(Bi, kenapa sih kamu nikah cepet amat?) There is...a very good reason for that which I am sure some of you have already guessed at, but I will neither confirm nor deny your suspicions until next month. So until then, you will have to make do with my writing and updates on other, somewhat less important topics.

In Indonesia, engagements work a bit differently than they do in America! Apalagiif you're Chinese-Indonesian. Usually, in Chinese-Indonesian engagements (lamaran), the man's family is invited to the house of a representative of the woman's family. However, if no one in the family has accepted a proposal yet, the engagement will usually happen at a restaurant rather than at a home. 

To provide a clearer anecdote: My mother is the youngest of five children, and none of her older siblings have son- or daughter-in-laws yet. That means we couldn't hold the engagement at any of their houses. Because my beautiful mommy happens to be ten-thousand miles away in another country, the person who accepted the proposal in her place was my grandma (because she already has, you know, five children-in-law).

I was actually really debating about whether or not I should tell the rest of my friends on the Internet. I am not sure if I am expected to explain myself. People will inevitably ask, "Aren't you too young to get married?" Perhaps. But it is, after all, a matter of perspective and, to some degree, necessity. I am being rather cryptic, I'm afraid, but I promise I will explain everything when I am ready. Suffice to say that I really am happy to be getting married and that even though I am decidedly young I am sure everything will flow peacefully if I let it.

(Sometimes, after all, the most beautiful paths are the ones we did not expect to take).

Often, during engagements, the man's family brings fruit and candy as a sort of...offering, I suppose? Everything I know about Chinese engagements comes from my aunt and grandma, so apologies for my lack of information!

Say hello to my future husband! His name is Erik and he's the sweetest person I've ever, ever met.

A serious meeting...with serious faces...hehehe...hoho..

During talks. To discuss the ceremony, celebration, and other logistics. This was, in comparison to my cousin's, a very small and intimate engagement.

Hi, it's us again.

The Queen, and my aunt (Wa Ie). Wa Ie is Mak's first child.

Yes, my...signature smile in which my eyes disappear. I think nearly every new person I have had the pleasure to meet here has commented on how oh my gosh when you smile your eyes disappear that is so weird.

Erik's older brother is an absolutely amazing photographer. I, being an obsessive stalker, immediately made these photos my computer background and lock screen. All of the photos in this blog post were taken by him, actually!


We are getting married in a private ceremony next month on the 17th, and we're having a small celebration on the 24th. We would love your prayers. If you are feeling generous and would like to send a gift or well wishes, you can always email me at Even your kind words would be so appreciated!

Truthfully, I was not expecting my marriage to come about so quickly. But, lest you forget, I am still a Catholic (in heart, and hopefully soon officially as well), and I place my faith in my ever-loving God. No matter what happens, He will lead me towards a brighter and kinder future, and everything will work out beautifully as long as we believe in Him.

My love, as always,