Liz Lisa Makeup Review (with swatches) ♡

 Hello everyone! I received an edition of Popteen magazine a few weeks ago. Popteen (and a lot of other Japanese mooks/magazines) gives readers free gifts with every issue. Sometimes they'll be makeup, sometimes they'll be small bags... sometimes the gift is a cute accessory that you can wear.

Popteen likes to partner a lot with Liz Lisa, so the monthly gift can sometimes be Liz Lisa makeup. That's what I'll be reviewing today!

If you often read my blog then I'm pretty sure you've realized how much I love the color pink! This was such cute packaging. I have no idea what it says, but it's cute!

This is what's inside the box--an eyeshadow quad and a Liz Lisa sheer lip gloss.

The gloss is very sheer--it doesn't really add any color to my lips. It also smells a bit strange/artificial. Not the most amazing product.

Here's a closer look at the eyeshadows! Now, I'm still just a beginner on my makeup journey, but I did like these colors. I don't know how to compare different makeup formulas yet but I would say that these fade easily when applied, even over my Canmake eyeshadow base. 

I love the first shade, which is a very light beige color that goes on almost nude on me. It has a tiny bit of shimmer. I use it as a base color over my whole eyelid. It's slightly brighter than my skin tone, so it brightens up my eyes a little bit.

The second color, a pretty pink, matches nicely with my hair. Unfortunately, it isn't hugely pigmented. (It looks pretty nice in the swatch, but if I rub it away it immediately disappears). I have to be very careful about not swiping my eyes too much to try and spread the eyeshadow because it fades so much. What I do instead is dab the brush into the eyeshadow and pat it lightly on my eyelids, then dab and pat and dab and pat. No spreading. Blending is kind of tough with this shade because it tries to disappear before it's properly blended.

The third color is a nice, dark brown that I use in the corners of my eyes when I'm feeling too lazy to wear eyeshadow. This is a strong and nicely pigmented color that blends okay.

And the final coloris a rose shimmer that I don't use much. It's supposed to be glitter, but the glitter tends to suffer from a lot of fallout. And I also don't really like using glitter because I feel like it's too overpowering on me. I might have more use for it in the future, once I become more comfortable with makeup.

Overall I would say it's a good palette--it's actually become the quad I use to create my daily(-ish) makeup look! Here's what it looks like:

Shade 1 all over the brow, Shade 2 on the corners, and shade 3 as a slight dusting near the eyeliner line (I'm a total newbie, so please forgive my...terrible explanation skills). I don't use the lip gloss from Liz Lisa much, I'm actually wearing a Canmake lip balm in this photo.

Alright! That wraps up my Liz Lisa makeup review for today. Have any of you gotten your hands on this makeup set from Popteen x Liz Lisa? If so, what are your thoughts on it? I'd love to hear them! ♡