Ryoji Sakate Hair Lounge Jakarta Hair Coloring Review! (From Black to Pink ♡)

Hello everyone! How are you all doing? I've been pretty busy lately with work, but I'm finally going to write my review of Ryoji Sakate, a lovely little hair salon in Jakarta (in Senopati).

First, an explanation as to why the heck I wanted pink hair!

So, I've always wanted pastel hair. Way back when I still used Tumblr I would always save photos of cotton candy hair to my phone. I think I was about 12 or 13 when I started really wanting baby pink hair. Of course, since I was still under 18, pink hair (and tattoos and just about everything else) was a firm "NO" from my momma. But I would still entertain the idea of one day being able to have pink hair.

In 2015, when I moved to Jakarta, I started living with my aunt and uncle in Tangerang. Now, my cool aunt in Jogja probably would've let me get pink hair, even if she didn't really approve. But my folks in Tangerang? Not likely.

Then I got married. My first year of marriage was really more about adjusting and getting to know each other better, so I didn't feel 100% comfortable being myself. Eventually, though, as I started working and earning my own money, I felt brave enough to get pink hair without using my husband's money.

So, onto the review!

Booking the appointment:

You can call them here:

+62 21 29305387 (English and Indonesian service)

+62 812 1920 4905 (Japanese)

I think the second number is Ryoji-san's mobile phone number...

The receptionist was super duper nice and really easy to talk to. I booked my appointment for 12:00 PM.


Ryoji Sakate is actually quite far from our apartment! I rode a Go-car (Indonesian Uber, but better) and didn't have money to take the toll roads, so we took the normal route. I was about fifteen minutes late but finally arrived. The salon is located above a nice little bar called Pao Pao. I've never been there but some of Erik's friends like to go there once in a while.

It's not a huge salon like you might find at the mall, but I loved the tasteful, simplistic decor and the wooden floors (I'm a sucker for them!). I didn't manage to grab a picture but there are about 6 chairs in all (I... think?), 3 in one room and 3 in the other.

Staff:Okay, I'm going to be totally honest here and confess that I was SUPER DUPER INTIMIDATED BY RYOJI-SAN. (You can stalk his Instagram here). I brought Baby with me and I'm pretty sure he was thinking, "OMG what the fuck is this crazy mom doing bringing her baby for a 4+ hour bleaching and pink hair session" and Ryoji-san, if you're reading this, I swear I'm not insane. I think he was giving me "WTF" looks and you know what, that's totally fine. But he was actually super duper nice.

He asked me if I've ever bleached my hair before and I said no, and he asked if I was really sure I wanted to do it. I insisted and he finally acquiesced. Later on Instagram he said that he was just worried about the damage my hair was going to take. He warned me about the dangers of bleaching beforehand so that was really nice of him.

He mainly worked on my hair with his assistant Aliceia, who was also really nice! At first I was really quiet and didn't say much, but after Ryoji-san left the room we began chatting a bit more. Overall I had a really nice experience with everyone here. They were all friendly and supportive, and totally accommodating of Baby.


As you all probably know, black hair can't get to pastel pink without a good round of bleaching (or two!). Ryoji-san explained that I would probably need to have two rounds of bleaching so that my hair would properly take in the pink dye.

The first round of bleaching was pretty intense and my scalp REALLY FELT LIKE IT WAS BURNING. It hurt a lot but hey, beauty is pain :') After coating my scalp they left the bleach on for about 15-20 minutes. Then they rinsed my hair and checked the color. Since it was still pretty yellow/brassy, they decided to do another round of bleaching--just not on the scalp.

This is what my hair looked like after the first round of bleaching. You can see that it's still pretty yellow! 

This was a lot more bearable!

Before the second round of bleach they added an INPHENOM five-step treatment to protect my hair from too much damage. The bleach was left on for another 15-20 minutes.

After, they washed it out again before finally adding the color! The color wasn't painful at all, but Ryoji-san warned that it definitely did stain, so I would need to be careful.

This was all really fun! They also offered me complimentary drinks, which I thought was nice. I don't have a photo of my hair after the second round of bleaching, but to tell you the truth it didn't really get that much lighter. It wasn't, like, platinum blonde or even white-ish blonde. It was still definitely a very light yellow--so if you're Asian like me and you're worried that the pink won't take to your yellow hair, I'm here to tell you that it worked for me!

I walked around for a while because Baby was getting fussy. 

Here's the hair on my Instagram:

A post shared by ebi ✨ (´∀`)♡ (@honeygotchi) on Oct 10, 2017 at 2:22am PDT


Here's the total price breakdown for everything I received during my trip to the salon! (They have discounts for the month of October and I'm totally kicking myself for forgetting about them...I almost never buy things at full price..).

Coloring (long hair): 900K

Joico tubes (of shampoo? or treatment?): 600K

Bleaching (long hair) twice: 1800K

Inphenom deep conditioning treatment (optional): 700K

In all, that means I spent Rp. 4.000.000. A small fortune. Ack!

Bottom line: 

I really enjoyed the experience at this salon, and if I were wealthier I would definitely come here more often. For expats and foreigners I would recommend Ryoji Sakate without hesitation! But for students or those who are on a budget, it's best not to visit because Ryoji-san's prices are quite high. For everyone else? Go for it!

As always, thanks for stopping by and reading my posts! I always appreciate it. Are there any salons that you'd recommend or any questions you want to ask? Feel free to comment below (´∀`)♡