Hello Waffles Visage Box (June 2018)

Hello! I'm very bad at posting, and now it's almost the end of July and I haven't written anything.

I'll do two quick and simple hauls about the Visage Box; I have both June and July sitting next to me and I really love them! I think the story was that Shiro Cosmetics took over Hello Waffles and started running the Visage Box. It's my first time subscribing, but there are a few things I like about it:

  • They offer a 'mini' Visage for people who want to get a smaller subscription.

Pricing: The standard Visage subscription is $30 per month, with free worldwide shipping, and contains halfling- and full-sized products, with a value of $40-45 per box.

Shiro Cosmetics and Hello Waffles have different formulas, so don't subscribe to Visage thinking that it's a Shiro subscription!

You can see what's inside (as well as my terrible swatches) here:

Overall, I think that the June Visage Box was very cohesive. I'm not 100% sure if it was a perfect match with the theme--I personally would've used brighter colors, because when I think of fairies I think of bright red noses, freckles, and lighter tones. 

Overall, the colors are a bit darker than I usually use (I'm a very bright pastel kind of girl) but I was able to create a very pretty look with them. I don't have much experience with Hello Waffle's shadows but there is (as with all loose shadows) a ton of fallout. The colors are definitely best applied over a primer; my swatches in the above picture are applied without one and don't look hugely pigmented.

The guest indie for this month was The Frisky Pixie! She made a very deep and nuanced shadow that I really like, and I've taken to using it on my brows when I'm in a pinch! I know that's a bit weird but anyways, I hope you enjoyed the post! I'll try to share all of my other reviews ASAP :)