Things To Do in Bandung: Pasar Cikapundung + Dapur Dahapati

Hello, everyone! Today's post is going to be about our trip to Bandung over the weekend.

So, we actually went to Bandung a week or two ago. One of my friend's friends is a burgeoning tattoo artist living in Bandung, and I've always wanted to have a tattoo! Coincidentally, one of our family friends was also planning on going to a vintage-stuff exhibition in the area, so we thought it would be nice to kill two birds with one stone.

(Our family friend, Indra, ended up staying in Jakarta to take care of his parents. So we didn't get a chance to meet him there.)

The Way There

We left on Saturday, but instead of going at around 7 or 8 am to maximize the time over there, we left at...12 PM. It was so awful! We were so late and worried about what we would even do there when we arrived, since most fun places and museums in Indonesia seem to close at around 5 pm.

Fun fact: There is a really long stretch of highway from Jakarta to Bandung. It's about 110 kilometers wrong. Erik started reading a blog post that said that this highway was haunted! And that at the 60km and 97km stretches, lots of accidents happened. That was pretty scary, so I didn't feel comfortable going to sleep in the car. Fortunately, we arrived safely in Bandung. It took us about 3 hours, and we arrived at around 3:30 PM. We passed Meikarta on the way (LOL...).

Pasar Cikapundung

We arrived to Bandung at three and decided to go to Pasar Cikapundung (cheek-ah-poondoong). It's been on our bucket list for a while now, and it's basically a market for vintage goods.

If you need home decor, old-timey photos, or vintage cameras and you're in Bandung, this would be the best place to go. All of the vintage stuff is on the third floor (we didn't go to the first or second floor, so I have no idea what's there). Many of the shopkeepers were over at the exhibition center, so we didn't get to see as many as we were expecting.

I don't know who owns this little store, but their art is beautiful. 
Erik bought a nice working-condition Game & Watch from one of the people he follows on Instagram. A lot of the vintage toy sellers from Bandung have shops in Pasar Cikapundung, so it was nice meeting some of them. They were very nice and easy to talk to, and they were so friendly!

One of them showed us a big box of Game & Watch consoles that he was planning to ship out the next day to a Middle Eastern man who somehow found his Instagram. Pretty crazy how Instagram can connect buyers and sellers from all over the world, don't you think?

Erik really wanted that black Viewmaster. He's been looking for it for months! But unfortunately, in Indonesia, it's being sold at unreasonably high prices. This one was on sale for Rp. 450.000 so we decided not to get it.
These are actually intended to be display-only (not for sale).
Rejoice, 80's kids!
Overall: The atmosphere on the third floor is very cozy, and a little bit dirty (which is to be expected since it's a traditional market). Pasar Cikapundung is open until about 10 pm, sometimes later. I would recommend coming here at least once because it's nice to hang out and ngobrol with everyone. And you might just find something to take home with you!

Jalan Asia Afrika & Jalan Braga

You can see how crowded it is in the background!
Pasar Cikapundung is very close to Jalan Asia Afrika and Jalan Braga (Asia-Africa Street and Braga Street). Jalan Braga has been around since the 1920s and is famous for its cute cafes, boutiques, and Dutch architecture. If you take a stroll here, you will often see people dressed strangely--don't worry! They're there to take photos with the tourists. Some are dressed as anime characters, others are dressed as pocong or kuntilanak (Indonesian ghosts), and some are dressed as Marvel superheroes. We didn't take any photos with them but they were fun to look at and wave to.

Along these streets there are also some small pushcarts and vans selling snacks, t-shirts, hats, baby clothes--it was pretty impressive to see the wide range of souvenirs being sold. There was even one man who was selling old used textbooks! I really wanted to find some books of essays to use as a reference for my book, but unfortunately I didn't see any.

Overall: I love the wide sidewalks, something which is pretty much nonexistent in Jakarta. It was amazing to actually use the sidewalks and walk around on these streets. Maybe for a foreigner it's a pretty boring experience, but for Jakartans like us it was heavenly.

Dapur Dahapati

This place is famous for its sop buntut (oxtail soup), so if you're planning on going here, don't get anything else. They offer 1) normal oxtail soup and 2) fried oxtail + soup, where the oxtail is served separately on a plate with a side of the broth, which includes tomatoes and potatoes. We both ordered the second option. There was a lot of meat and it was slightly sweet. They gave us lime slices to squeeze into our soup, and the tangy flavor of the broth complimented the sweetness of the meat so well! I can see why it's so famous.

It's worth nothing that Dapur Dahapati is actually a house--there are photos of the family on the wall. I'm not sure if the original family is still living there, but it was interesting to dine in what was once someone's living room. Their house was very beautiful.

Overall: If you aren't coming here for the oxtail soup, don't bother. One portion is about Rp. 72.500 but I think it's worth it because you really do get a lot of food.

Rumah Teras Cigadung

In all honesty, I'm a cheapskate. I blame this on my parents: they taught me the importance of deals and discounts. So when looking for a place to stay, I opened Traveloka, typed in a location, and chose "sort by lowest price". Because we made a last minute, day-of booking, there weren't many options available. But Rumah Teras Cigadung had one room available for around Rp. 325.000. Considering the other options at this price looked unprofessional and shady, we felt really lucky! Some people kept complaining about ants but honestly, there's a balcony, and this is Indonesia, which is literally a jungle. It wasn't a big deal at all for us.

Overall: It was very comfortable and definitely worth the price--the bed was comfy. They knocked on our door in the morning and surprised us with breakfast (fried rice, sweet tea, and a dessert of pudding), which was astonishingly tasty. I appreciated its close proximity to places like Tebing Keraton and Taman Hutan Raya Juanda. You can book it via Traveloka here.