Poesie Perfume Review: 4 More Scents ♡

Hello! This is the second part of my review for Poesie Perfume. Today I'll be discussing A Thousand Warriors, County Line, Lips like Sugar, and Enchantress of Numbers. If you want to see some of the other perfumes I've purchased from Poesies Perfume, you can check out the first half of this post, which is here.

A Thousand Warriors

When juicy ume plum and fluffy vanilla join forces, all bow before their fortitude and beauty, while the citrusy notes of bitter yuzu and divine hinoki wood stream behind them like a battle flag.

This scent smells like freshly cut, oriental(?) wood, which makes sense because Joelle writes that there is a note of hinoki. I like this because it kind of takes me on a journey with the flowers: this perfume opens with the wood, and we get a tour of the agile, crisp limbs. Within an hour we move up the branches and closer to the petals. We get a tantalizing whiff, and then the blossoms begin to fruit--by the end of the symphony we've taken a bite into the fresh, juicy plum. The final notes are deliciously sweet.

I wanted something empress-like and regal and strong, and I'd say this does a great job! It conjures up the image of Tomoe Gozen, garbed in her armor. In my mind's eye she stands beneath the blossoms and overlooks a cliff as her hair cascades over her shoulders.

County Line

The perfect summertime evening goes something like this - watching the sun go down while you lounge lazily on the front porch. Beads of condensation gathering on a glass of ice cold lemonade while the cardinals sing, and you just swing and swing.

When I wear this, I think cool American meadows, mosquito lotion (LOL?), leaning on a picket fence, gingham, and lemonade after a hot afternoon. It's so refreshing, kind of like a strawberry + lemonade party. This is the one that a lot of folks on Reddit rave about and let me tell you: THERE'S A GOOD REASON FOR THAT! It is just delightful.

Lips Like Sugar

Luscious frangipani, sugared vanilla, succulent mango. The unbridled flirtation of tropical flowers and exotic fruits tangled in a lush kiss like the delicious memories of a summer romance -- sweet, hot, sticky. The deeper you go, the sweeter it gets, and it only leaves you wanting more.

 image image image  When I initially sniffed this in the vial I was a little bit disappointed because it smelled like Italian sub sandwiches? (What the heck, brain?). At first I wrote in my notebook that it was underwhelming and falls flat. But then I wore it, and gosh--it's defied my expectations! I can definitely smell the sugar, masked underneath a faint veneer of fruit. It has a bit of a floral "sting" (best way I can describe it) to it and reminds me of Bali.

Enchantress of Numbers

A rational and balanced blend of clean lemon and fresh lavender compose the symmetrical opening, while a fraction of tempting caramel and sweet amber twist through the remainder with a hint of madness.

I'd describe this as mildly feminine musk--I wore this to bed and had a very relaxing night. Unlike Innocence, which is more feminine than musky, Enchantress of Numbers is the opposite. The more I smell and wear it, the more I like it. It has a hint of shadows. Sexy...shadows? At first I wouldn't describe it as sweet by any stretch: it's more of a subtle, dark strength. But then it fades into a sweet warm caramel aura. Think charm, amber, and books--old ones.

Final thoughts:

Most of these perfumes last a maximum of 5-6 hours on me before I have to re-apply. I've heard that some people can get their perfumes to last all day, so I hope I'll have luck finding more scents that can last that long on me. Or maybe my skin just isn't suited to hold perfumes for a long time!

About a week ago, I made another purchase at Poesie, and I also decided to order a 10-sample pack from Solstice Scents. I'm a gourmand and floral scent lover, but Solstice Scents is fairly well known for their darker, atmospheric perfumes. I want to branch out--who knows? I might find something I truly love. Anyways, once that arrives I'll write another review and keep you all posted. Thank you so much for stopping by!