Open correspondence

Rp. 450.000 per session (2+ hours)

Writing letters to someone you love is an honorable endeavor, full of tenderness and hope. Decorating an envelope can convey emotions that may have eluded you with words. A heartfelt letter is a gift to treasure for a lifetime, and a hand-decorated, hand-stamped envelope is a keepsake that can be displayed and enjoyed by generations. In this personal, one-on-one session, I'll guide you through the process of crafting a handwritten letter to someone who's been on your mind. We’ll explore the different formats of mail art, and craft mini-journals, scrap notepads, and bookmarks together.

You will receive:

  • Personalized letter kit

    • Special letter paper

    • A pen

    • Washi samples

    • Handmade envelope

    • Ephemera and stamps

    • Dried flowers

I’ve always loved decorating the mail I send to people—there’s something fun and everlasting about knowing that someone will be opening the work that you’ve so lovingly created. You won't have to bring anything except your heart and perhaps a photo or two (to include in your letter). If there is a specific piece of stationery that you'd also like to use, you can bring it along. You’ll also be able to borrow my calligraphy nibs, so if you want to try your hand at calligraphy, feel free to do so!


This session is designed to help you express yourself through both visual and textual art. You don't have to send the letter, but it is often cathartic to do so!

You can choose from Saturday or Sunday afternoons.


Available Dates

July - August 2018 


Come talk to me wherever you are, as long as you're in Jakarta. I'd love to consult for you about copywriting, content writing, journalism, or your love life -- though, admittedly, my own isn't always pristine. 

October 24 - 28 2018


During this weekend, I'll be in Bali for a secret event! We can sit down and pen a lovely letter while watching the sun set.

november - december 2018


Once upon a time, I spent the end of the year in Jogjakarta. Now, though, I've settled in the ferocious capital of Indonesia. As long as we're meeting in Jakarta or Tangerang, I'll make my way to you.

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Where will the session be held?

I can travel to most places in Jakarta and Tangerang! I hope that one day I can offer sessions in other cities as well.

Can I write an angry letter?

You may choose to do so, but I'd recommend that you keep it for yourself. Harsh letters can also be kept forever, and often only convey a snapshot of a certain, passing mood. Hurtful or cruel letters are difficult to "take back". Instead, we can focus on conveying your sorrow, frustration, or disappointment in a kind way.