'Macaron Mania': The E-mail

'Macaron Mania': The E-mail

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When you’re adding to your marketing manifesto, you need a one-and-done solution. One that you can use time and time again, because you have a business to run. Why spend time warming up your leads when your e-mails could do it for you?

Much a macaron

What if I told you that you had the power to make your leads LOL? That you didn't have to fall into the same trap that trips up all those other companies? That you could avoid bland, spammy e-mails that don't actually say anything and elevate your brand above the rest?

The art of crafting an e-mail is similar to the process of baking macarons: it requires precision, a delicate touch, and a dash of sass. Let’s concoct an e-mail that’s personal and humorous and built for memorability. So that while you’re running your business, they’ll look for you.

If you’ve already got some e-mail sequences and you simply want to pop ‘em with a burst of creamy goodness, then opt for ‘The Facelift’, where I’ll rewrite any existing e-mails you’ve got. 

E-mails I handle:

  • Account Activation

  • Education

  • Onboarding

  • Welcome

  • Retention

  • Receipt

  • Feedback/Review Request

  • Order Confirmation