'The Smorgasbord': Website Makeover

'The Smorgasbord': Website Makeover

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Your website deserves DELICIOUSLY DROOL-WORTHY copy that compels them to click that ‘buy’ button (or ‘subscribe’ button or ‘yes, take me now’ button). You’ve got them in the kitchen; now keep them there and help them get comfy in Granny’s plush chaise longue.

Grab a 'Smorgasbord'

While we’re cooking up ‘The Smorgasbord’, you get a few options. If you just want the chilled, overripe bananas or the melt-in-your-sinful-mouth ice cream, go for it. But why not split for the banana split while you’re at it? ;)

The ingredients, mon ami:

  • Bananas For You’: A home page that’ll make your clients dizzy with delight. It won’t just look good — it’ll feel good, because its designed to engage and evangelize.

  • ‘Sinful Syrup’: A decadent service or product page, plus ideation if you’re not sure what to sell

    • While we’re at it, I’ll also throw in 5 product descriptions ;)

  • ‘Sprinkle Some Lovin’: A dizzying treat of a contact page that will gradually stuff your inbox with so many sprinkles your life will become a positive rainbow of love and affection.

  • ‘Ice Cream Crush’: An about page for stunners like you. Because who said you can only fall in love once? Together, we’ll add dimension and craft an interesting, share-worthy story for your brand so that they’ll feel a flutter for you.

  • ‘Cherry Bomb’: Conversion copy just for your sales or landing page, where you can showcase your gorgeous opt-in offer or mini-service. Hey, ‘free’ doesn’t have to mean ‘cheap’.

Now, you might already know your brand, your clients, your competitors, and your unique selling points (USPs). If not, though, you can always add on the (dun dun duuuuun):

  • ‘Brand Banana Boat’, the made-for-you brand book that includes a

    • Mission and Values Statement

    • Buyer Persona and Brand Persona

    • Positioning Statement

    • Brand Voice Style Guide

‘The Smorgasbord’ includes all five essential webpages for your site, plus the ‘Brand Banana Boat’ so that you can take your copy into your own hands. If you only need the five pages, then go ahead and grab The Smorgasboard Lite’.